It all starts with MMA

Mixed martial arts (MMA)—a sport that combines punching, kicking, wrestling, and jiu jitsu—became popular in the 90’s. Chris Cromer was one of the first competitors in this intense sport. He discovered that MMA demanded the highest level of fitness, in addition to many skills. Martial arts athletes (who excelled in individual skills) struggled to learn the balance of strength, flexibility, muscular stamina, and cardiovascular endurance that MMA required. A small group of athletes began to experiment with a short functional fitness circuit that incorporated all the elements they needed for competition. As these athletes saw excellent results in less time than other competitors, their circuit became popular in the MMA world.

Science Supports HIIT Results

Simultaneously, science was proving that short intense training (HIIT) was the best way to get full-body results, as the MMA athletes already knew. After Chris expanded to training Krav Maga and martial arts for law enforcement, the HiiT15 team wondered if the MMA circuit workout could be effective for more people. The original workouts—designed to challenge top-level athletes—were too intense, but the coaching staff worked together to create levels of modifications. They recorded video instructions and started testing the workout with a variety of people. In the end, they created the HiiT15 circuit we have now. The variety of exercises is perfect for any goal and the levels of modification make it accessible to every level of fitness.



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