It all starts with Martial Arts

Martial Arts from around the world were originally designed for life or death situations that required punching, kicking, grappling and tactical hand to hand combat skills. Modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport that demands the highest level of fitness, in addition to these fundamental skills. Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics is the application of these skills in REAL WORLD life or death scenarios. Chris Cromer has trained both High Level MMA fighters and Elite Law Enforcement Officers (Krav Maga) for decades.  Since fitness and skill are essential the challenge was to develop a training program that efficiently reinforced martial arts skill movements while simultaneously enhancing balance, strength, flexibility, muscular stamina, and cardiovascular endurance. Chris began to experiment with a high intensity fitness circuit that incorporated all of these elements. The program was extremely successful in gaining both skill development and well rounded fitness improvements very quickly.

Science Supports HIIT Results

Simultaneously, science was proving that short intense training (HIIT) was the best way to get full-body results, as we had already discovered. Although the workout was originally designed for individuals with elite skills and high fitness levels many people began to ask if they could try the circuit because of how fun it looked and how little time it took to get a great workout (30 min). We quickly discovered that the exercises and intensity were too much for too much for people of average fitness levels or even those that ran or went to the gym regularly. The coaching staff began to develop modifications to allow people to acclimate to the workout over time. They recorded instructional videos of the exercises with three levels of modifications and tested the system with a variety of people and added proprietary functional equipment to increase variety. In the end, the result was the HIIT15 circuit we now have. The variety of exercises is perfect for any fitness goal and the levels of modification make it accessible to every level of fitness. The Martial Arts skills within the workout not only develop power, balance and flexibility but also teach CRITICAL SELF DEFENSE SKILLS that can save your life.  HIIT15 is proud to offer elite fitness and tactical self defense training to everyone.



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We crafted the perfect workout system through science, experience, and experimentation.

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