Why is HiiT15 a Good Investment?

Fitness is popular.

Approximately 54 million Americans pay gym membership fees and actual visits to the gyms regularly exceed 5 billion!

HIIT is hot.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is always in the news, whether you read The New York Times or People Magazine. While fitness fads come and go, HIIT is a science-backed program with lasting power in the fitness world.

Support & Partnership

A fitness community encourages success. We think franchising works the same way.
That’s why we offer a wealth of material to set you up for success.


Experience intensive training at our testing lab. See the original team in action and learn from the best!


We provide an operations manual with wisdom from years of refining the HiiT15 program.


Sharing marketing materials strengthens the brand and improves all franchises.


When you run into a problem, more heads are better than one. We’re happy to help.

Getting Started

Initial investment: $115,580 to $170,655

Estimate includes

  • Franchise fee
  • Lease
  • Equipment & Furniture
  • Training
  • Computer Systems
  • Initial Inventory
  • Grand Opening
  • Insurance
  • Other typical business costs

Learn More

If you’re interested in joining our passionate, growing community, we’d love to send you more information and start a conversation.