***50 Participants Needed***

HiiT15 is hosting a 60 day *Summer Slim Down Challenge*. Change your life and get results with the HiiT15 scientifically proven system.

The program includes all the training & tools you’ll need to succeed for only $12.50 per week!

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Do You Qualify?

  • Need to drop a few sizes
  • Able to work out for 30 mins 3 days per week
  • Willing to moderately change your eating habits
  • Willing to work with a Coach for best results

Program Includes:

  • Working with your own coach. Semi-private training.
  • Free Custom Meal Plan & Guide
  • Flexible Training Schedule. No Class Times.
  • New Exercise Program Every Week (No Plateau’s)
  • Complete Fitness Assessments
  • 50 Spots Available
  • Only $12.50 per Week
  • Non intimidating environment & so much more!

Reserve your spot by clicking this link *Summer Slim Down Challenge* to schedule your free

meeting with a Coach or Message Us Now!


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