What is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a workout style that alternates short bursts of anaerobic activity with rest periods. During the activity burst, participants push to the limits of their capacity, generally 80-95% heart rate. The length of the activity can vary, but we use 60 second rounds at HiiT15. For 15 minutes, participants give each round their best effort, then they are given a brief 20 second rest to recover before the next round.

Athletes have long recognized the benefits of HIIT, but it has only recently been popularized. Our carefully defined levels and modifications make this the perfect workout for everyone.

Whether you’re new to exercise or looking for something to push you to extreme heights, HiiT15 will work for you.

What are your goals?

Weight Loss Muscle Build Daily Function

Weight Loss

Low-to-moderate intensity workouts—like biking, swimming, walking, or jogging—create 2 major weight-loss problems.


Fitness Plateau

Your body quickly adapts to a steady state (low-intensity) workout and stops burning extra calories. Essentially, you’re only burning calories for the amount of time that you’re working out.


Limited Time

In low-intensity workouts, you burn calories. But you stop burning when you stop moving. Since you probably can’t work out for hours and hours, your calorie-burning is limited.

HIIT, on the other hand, never lets your body catch up. Because the intensity is based on how much you can do, you are always working at a higher level. With HiiT15’s workouts, we also ensure that you’re doing new things with your body, not the same repetitive movements every time.

HIIT triggers metabolism changes that cause round-the-clock calorie burn. Your 15-minute workout will last the whole day. No need to work out for hours.

Muscle Build

HIIT workouts are effective for retaining and building lean muscle. You’re unlikely to become jacked at HiiT15, but you can achieve the toned look many people like. If you are interested in body-building, a HIIT workout can be a good complement to your weight-lifting regimen.

In addition to strength training, anaerobic exercise (the core of HIIT) is one of the only ways to trigger hypertrophy, the growth of skeletal muscle. Aerobic exercise (low-intensity) seldom contributes to significant hypertrophy.

Daily Function

The HiiT15 circuit incorporates a number of functional fitness exercises that are designed to mimic common movements. Squatting or lifting in a controlled workout can help prevent back injuries and falls, for example. Moving your whole body—instead of just individual parts—helps your muscles and joints work together. We also emphasize flexibility and agility.

Functional fitness is especially important for older adults. Moving your body in safe ways in a supervised environment can prevent costly falls and injuries.

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